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  • Caravan Rental
  • Horse Shows
  • Religious Shows
  • Flooding Homes
  • Subletting
Summer Fun Caravans Exterior and Interior


Our range of Services include:


Caravan Rental:


Why not enjoy all the comforts of home whilst you are away. Todays caravans provide real home from home comforts, whilst you are away. Whatever the occasion or event you are staying at. Why not give Suntime Caravan Hire a try?


Horse Shows:


Whether it be Burghley, Branham, Badmington, Bleinheim,Arena UK, Equifest or Ponies UK at these prestigious events a caravan supplied by Suntime Caravan Hire can provide on site accomodation for all your needs. Caravans are also ideal for corporate hospitality . What better way to start the show than to arrive to find your caravan already sited and ready for use?


Whatever the occasion we can supply nationwide give Suntime Caravan Hire a try?


Religious Shows:


At these renowned gatherings such as faith camp, grapevine or new wine we are able to supply caravans for your personal use. Time is precious for us all these days. Why waste time staying off site when you can be part of the scene 24/7?


Concerts & T.V /Film Locations:


Caravans are ideal accomodation at a wide variety of events such as musical festivals like Download, Leeds & Glastonbury, as well as concert tours. Use on Television & film locations is proving to be very popular. We can also supply a driver to move the caravans whilst on location!!!


Flood/ Fire Damaged homes:


Allevaite the worry & stress if your home is flood or fire damaged. A caravan supplied by Suntime Caravan Hire can provide on site solutions whilst repairs are carried out. This is with the convience of minimal disruption. In the majority of cases your insurance company will pay the full cost.


Sublet Your Caravan:


Have you ever thought of hiring your caravan out when you're not using it, but dismissed the idea because of all the work and time involved?


If the answer is 'Yes' then why not let Suntime Caravan Hire help you sublet it. It’s a great way to earn extra income. Many caravan owners have already taken advantage of our subletting scheme which removes all the hassle and helps to maximise letting opportunities during key periods of the year. We keep you up to date on bookings, enquiries, etc. either by email, phone or text.


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